[TUTORIAL] How to Install Custom Theme on Windows 10 (Redstone Version) and Build 2004

If you found this tutorial helpful and you want to share the tutorial please credit me guys! Not trying to be petty but i broke my computer alot of time to find the right way to install theme and show the best appearance of the theme. Happy Blogging!

Before doing any change to your computer, please make restore point first (See how?)
Hello guys, today i wanna share the way to patch windows 10 Redstone Version (Build 1607, 1703, 1709, 1803, 1903, 1909) so you can use a custom theme. So here it is :)
1. Download the Required files under this post. (password : nikennosekaiofficial.blogspot.com)
2. Extract it on wherever you want.

3. Install Classic CP to show the Personalize option when you right-click on dekstop. Go to folder Classic CP and double-click Add_Personalize-classic_to_desktop_context_menu.reg
Click Yes
Example :
(Right-click on Dekstop Windows 10) 

4. Install Classic-Context-Menu to make your right-click style like the one in Windows 7 style. Go to folder Classic-Context-Menu and double-click on Enable Classic Context Menu in Windows 10.reg
(From build 1903 to 1909 and 2004 this Classic Context Menu can't work anymore, so just skip this step)

Click Yes

Example :
(Right-click on windows 10 with Haise Theme)

5. Install OldNewExplorerCfg to show the Details Pane. Go to folder OldNewExplorer and double-click OldNewExplorerCfg.exe, set the program like the image below
click Install then click Close (no need to restart computer, just restart your explorer)

6. Install RibbonDisabler to disable the Ribbon style and change it to FolderBand style like Windows 7. Go to folder RibbonDisabler_[winaero.com]_556 and select your windows 10 build (64bit or 32bit). Then double-click install Ribbon disabler2.
Select Disable Ribbon Explorer

Example :

7. Installing StartIsBack to bring back the StartMenu like Windows 7. Go search for StartIsBack for win10.exe and click it. Do the instruction as usual.
To configure StartIsBack, right-click on start menu, click on Properties, then go to Appearance, select the start menu style that you want, click Apply and OK

8. Install Theme bypass. Go search for Theme Signature Bypass.exe and double-click it and do the instruction.
after it done you need to log off your computer just click finish


PS :
If the theme still cant be installed properly, download UltraUXThemePatcher too and install it. Double-click and Install UltraUXThemePatcher.exe . You can use the newer version of UltraUXThemePacthcer if you have a new build of windows 10.
 Reboot your computer after you are done installing it.

download new tools

For build 2004, the steps are the same with redstone version, but you must install the UltraUXThemePatcher
download new tools


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