[ThemeWIN7] DanMachi ダンジョンに出会いを求める の は間違っているだろうか - Hestia by kurohtenshi

Good morning guys (west indonesian time). Yesterday i make a new theme. I use the character of DanMachi anime, Hestia. Here the screenshots.

Be aware! Hot Image Coming! 

hahha kidding, just ecchi for the screenshot. i will keep the hot image on the package theme. 

Details :
1 File Theme
19 HD wallpapers(+ HOT image Inside)
4 sound theme
5 startOrb
1 Logon

Hows you opinion?? Interesting??
Anyway, i'm so sorry guys i have to do this....this theme is not free, you have to donate first, prove yourself that you deserved get this theme, please send donation above 4USD, to support this blog and support me to keep making free themes that you like. We need your contribution, but i'mnot forcing you to download this theme. After you send donation for this theme, please send me a message and screenshot for confirmation to Nikennosekai Blog.

image i use on this theme --> credit to their owner

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