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Update on Dec, 24th 2017

Please read the following rules before writing a request :

1. Request only available for Windows 10 themes.
2. Search before request. Use search box to check whether I've made ​​and shared the theme or not.
3. Write with this format : Anime/Manga/Person'sName/etc - your OS
Example : Kuroko No Basket - Windows 7
4. Be patient with your request. Not all requests can be granted. I will sort out your request and determine the theme that I want to create.
5. No ecchi, no hentai, and no pervert request.
6. Just One Theme Request.

NOTE FOR WINDOWS 7 or 8/8.1 USERS : From 27th Dec 2017, I have decided to focus to create windows 10 themes only. If you guys still want me to create your themes request, i will ask you to support me by donating a little amount of your money (2-3 USD) for this blog. Contact me on Nikennosekai Blog after you sent the donation by sending a Private Message and state what your request it :)

Sorry for my bad English. ENJOY my Themes

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  1. Yuna FinalFantasyX/FFx-2 - Windows 7

  2. Emiya Shirou (Archer) - Fate unlimited blade works (window 7)

  3. Gintama - Windows 10 1709 Please!

  4. Fibel, Sistine - Rokudenashi Majutsu Koushi to Akashic Records/ Windows 10. Thanks for your work

  5. Hello, Can i request a theme
    LoveLive Sunshine, Character name is "You Watanabe" my os Build is 1809 win 10
    Thank you

  6. Satanichia Gabriel Dropout - Windows 7

  7. Oregeiru(Yukinoshita yukino & Yukinoshita Haruno) - Windows 10

  8. Bungou Stray Dogs - Windows 10 ver. 1903

  9. hatsune miku - windows 10 ver 1903

  10. Nier Replicant (not Gestalt or Automata); Win 10 v2004

  11. Yukinoshita yukino windows 7 please


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